Brand Audits (distribution, consumer perceptions…) and brand studies analysis.

Brand fundamentals

DNA; stylistic lexemes [ReGen©]; SWOT; identity prism; brand essence [aBrandEssence©]

Target identification

Identity emerging socio-economic groups; cluster analysis; determination of actual and aspirational targets.

Positioning and brand status management

Positioning workshops; ‘Brand Halo’s’ [ReGen©]; Status and brand value development strategies

Architecture and brand extension

Exploration of the fields of brand elasticity; innovation

Future Brand Vision [aHeadBrand©]

Audit of signs of brand obsolescence versus targets and emerging global trends [aYTR©]; analysis of brand potentialities (versus DNA); strategic re-orientation; induced movements (brand, house, product, distribution, communication…); revitalization; managing identity versus change

Observation and Decoding

Decryption of targets and of global trends; prospectives [aYTR©]


Bespoke ongoing consulting [aSOURCE©]