All our reports are written and produced based on our founding principle:

To help our clients see further and to take them to higher ground
in their strategic reflexion and problem solving.

Our reports are designed to:

a.Empower clients with understanding of the shifts (technological, sociological, psychological)

b.Offer concise, succinct and clear observations. We distill the information. (we do not information dump! Leaving you with mountains of information which is irrelevant and/or that needs to be further analyzed to understanding the marketing implications).

c.Arm you with marketing intelligence: strategic conclusions and actionable information which directly states what this means for you, your brand and your consumer…

We go MACRO & MICRO in our research. We endeavor to unearth and understand the underlying intricacies of society that impact on today’s and tomorrow's brands. We can also go tackle specific subjects. Special reports can be tailored upon client request.


"Fashion in the 21st Century - From Material to Hyper Material"

| 2019

   This 100-slide study highlights the revolution underway in the world of fashion and accessories

   It lists and articulates all the technological areas of innovation that will influence the creativity of tomorrow.

   It opens up new areas of inspiration and reflection for all fashion and accessory professionals.